The Importance of Formal Education in Today’s Society

  Education is the systematic process of facilitating people’s acquisition of knowledge, learning skills, values, attitudes, beliefs, and practices. Education includes training, teaching, learning, research and supervised research. Education may be done in any classroom, including schools, colleges, universities and homes. Education also includes participation in programs of community education and activities for children and adults at work. There are […]

What Is Education and Why Is It Important?

  Education is the process by which people acquire knowledge, skills, learning habits, values, beliefs, and social norms. Educational systems may be structured to provide all required knowledge in a structured manner. Education may also be characterized as the interaction of people with differing points of view, so as to reach a collective understanding. Educational systems may include primary, secondary, […]

Education in the Age of Technology

  Education has long been called one of the cornerstones of society. Throughout history, education was used to develop society, uplift individual’s lives, provide knowledge and increase societal performance. Education helps people grow, develop and maintain healthy attitudes and thought. It also equips individuals with skills that enable them to compete effectively in the global marketplace. The value of education […]

Education – Online Education

Education – Online Education Education is a progressive process that shapes tomorrow’s economy and society. Education helps people learn to become responsible for their own lives and choices. It develops individual strengths and promotes social responsibility. The curriculum of education includes instruction, study, development, and practice of techniques, theories, strategies and methods related to learning; develops interpersonal skills such as […]

Education – Growing the Benefits of Informed Decision Making

  Education is the systematic process of enabling individuals to acquire knowledge, skills, talents, attitudes, values, beliefs, and behaviors, through learning experiences. Education may be formal or informal. Education includes childhood, kindergarten up to college and university. Education encourages creativity, development of personal values and social awareness. Education includes instruction, teaching, assessment, guided activity, laboratory work, field work, supervised research […]

Education – The Key to Success

  Education is the process by which people acquire knowledge, skills, attitudes, values, knowledge, and skills, through teaching, learning, practice and guided studies. It aims to develop the individual’s capabilities and enhance their individuality and to promote the fulfillment of their life goals. Education includes all forms of instruction and training whether it is formal or informal; it can be […]

Education In The Digital Age

  Education is one of the key ingredients for societal development. Without education, society will not be able to sustain its growing human resource. Education helps people to become well-informed citizens. It imparts to them the ability to participate effectively in the economic, political, social, cultural, religious, and legal realms. Education also provides individuals with a sense of their own […]

Education in India

  Education is the process by which people acquire knowledge, skills, abilities, morals, values, attitudes, and skills through socialization. Education helps develop individuals in their growth to be competent and self-aware individuals who are capable of enjoying their talents and potentials. Education helps cultivate social awareness, social behavior, citizenship, human dignity, responsibility, individuality, justice, equality, and freedom. Education also enables […]

Education – Formal Or Informal?

  Education is the process by which people acquire knowledge, skills, tools, social skills, attitudes, moral values, beliefs, and practices. Education can be a school, college, university or institution. Education helps us to grow as individuals by enabling us to take up responsibilities for our own actions and choices. Education enables people to think independently and learn from their own […]

Education Today – Online College Courses

  Education is the process of fostering learning, either the acquisition of skills, knowledge, values, attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors. Educational systems include formal training, teaching, counseling, storytelling, research and applied research. Education contributes to societal development by producing citizens capable of problem-solving and independent citizens. The process of education develops individuals and builds on their strengths while teaching them to […]