American Education System Gives Students From All Over the World the Choice of Schools

  Education in the United States of America exists in two forms: public and private. Public education is provided by state governments, generally through boards of education, regulated by statutory law. Private education is generally not regulated by state governments, although some states, notably New Hampshire, have extensive private education laws. Private education generally has greater autonomy than public education, […]

Studying at University

  Some people may not be aware of this, but there are two schools in England – Church of England schools and state schools. The differences between them may be minimal if one looked at the history carefully. In fact, the history of education in England goes back centuries. Let us take a brief look at that time period and […]

Education in France – The Traditions

  Education in France is known to be one of the most decentralized in Europe. Unlike other European countries, where schooling is almost exclusively a function of the state, in France school teaching is largely left to local authorities. Parents still retain the ultimate responsibility for educating their children, though they have more choice when it comes to selecting their […]

Education in a Foreign Land

  Most people associate education with the government. Yet, in most European countries, and especially in Great Britain, education is largely left to the individual. Indeed, in Europe the right to attend school is considered a human right, something that is protected by law. This allows students from a wide variety of backgrounds to pursue an education without the constraints […]

The Changing Role of Education in Society

  Education in the United States of America occurs in public, private, and private homeschooling. The public school system provides students with an education that often requires public school credit for parents who are members of the teacher’s union. Private schools provide students with an education that often requires parental permission to attend. Most private schools are religiously led, but […]

Math Teachers in Finland Has Better Education Levels Than Korean Teachers

  Education is very important as it enables individuals to realize their full potential and contribute in the improvement of the nation. Education not only enables people to become responsible and self-supporting citizens; it also teaches people about their duties and rights as citizens and promotes tolerance for other cultures, such as, welcoming immigrants. Education improves people’s life opportunities. At […]

Best Education Systems In The World

  Finland has enjoyed a bit of hype lately in education circles. It’s often thought one of the best education countries in the world. It regularly outperforms the United States on reading, science, and math. In international comparisons, it’s consistently been a high-performing nation. One reason that Finland is frequently thought of as an education leader is its high level […]

Education in Finland – An Overview

  Education is one of the cornerstones of a successful society. Without education, we are destined for a very narrow path in life. Education helps us grow and become an individual. Education helps us reach our full potential, and it can even help us reach our inherited destiny. Education is the corner stone of a well-rounded life. The government is […]